Elastomers, both natural and synthetic are being used more and more in key industries, like automobile, aircraft, tyre industries, domestic and medical applications and electronic applications.

The technology involved in the elaboration of elastomers is going through substantial changes as regards to environmental considerations, the availability of raw materials and sustainable development requirements. Moreover the stringent demands in material performances call for the sophisticated testing and analysis of test results.

The present conference, held for the first time in France, follows the serie of conferences held in Poland every two years since 1985.

Pofessor Narayanaswami Ranganathan (University of Tours - COMUE Leonard de Vinci -France) and Professor Dariusz Bielinski (University of Lodz-Poland) are the cochairem of this conférence.

Conference Topics:

  • Physics, chemistry and modification of elastomers
  • Raw materials used in rubber technology
  • Life cycle and durability of rubber.
  • Recycling and valorization of rubber waste
  • Elastomer composites and their properties
  • Dynamic properties and fatigue of rubber
  • Modeling aspects
  • Compounding and processing
  • Testing of raw materials and rubber products
  • Testing equipment and machinery

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Fee registration

  • Until 2015/09/01
    • regular : 500 euros
    • student : 200 euros
    • accompanying person: 200euros
  • Until 2015/11/05
    • regular : 550 euros
    • student : 250 euros
    • accompanying person: 200euros


  • University François Rabelais of Tours, France
  • Polytech Tours, France
  • Laboratory of Mechanics and Rheology (LMR), France
  • Lodz University of Technology, Poland
  • Institute for Engineering of Polymer Materials & Dyes (IMPiB), Poland

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